Screencap meme: Fate/Zero + Faceless (requested by kineli).



  1. for your otp (or any ships you’re into at the moment)
  2. for a female character
  3. songs you’ve recently fallen in love with
  4. expressing a certain emotion
  5. for a tv show
  6. about a certain type of relationship (examples: a dysfunctional couple, best friends, mother and daughter, a mushy romance)
  7. for a male character
  8. songs you were obsessed with growing up
  9. for a movie
  10. something supernatural/mythological/fantasy-related (example: vampires, a greek god, dragons)
  11. for a fictional friendship
  12. songs that cheer you up
  13. for a book
  14. dedicated to a friend
  15. whatever you want! you decide!